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(c) 2016 Fix My Write – A major key to marketing books is developing an author platform prior to publishing.

Hey There!  If you popped in to read this post, you are probably curious about building an author platform.  Somewhere in your self-publishing journey you have stumbled across this nugget of marketing wisdom but it probably wasn’t really clear about the “how” you should go about creating a platform.  So here’s the tea…Basically, your author platform is what gives you the authority to write about a particular subject and the ability to sell said book based upon who/what you know and who you can reach.

It’s not just social media

Most of us think about our reach in terms of social media followers.  And while having a strong social media following is a good thing, having high numbers isn’t the end all be all.  It boils down to quality vs quantity.  You see, some folks will go as far as to purchase followers on a particular platform, *stage whispers* even some of your favorite celebrities.  The problem is, you can have hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of followers, but does that necessarily translate into SALES? What good is a gazillion followers if not one of them has purchased your book? Right? Many of them may have followed you in the hopes that you would reciprocate, but they have no intention of purchasing your book, or borrowing it from the library. Your followers need to convert to customers. If they aren't making you $ then it doesn't make sense! Click To Tweet

An author platform is like a pot of gumbo, made up of many different ingredients that each add a distinctive flavor to the dish.

The Recipe

  • 6 cups of Expertise
  • 2 cups of Implementation
  • 1 tbsp of Network
  • 1 tbsp of Social Media
  • 1 tbsp of Media (past or be working on it now)
  • 1 tbsp of Previous Work
  • Generous amounts of Sparkling Personality and Effervescence
  • Mix all ingredients and let simmer for book marketing success!

*Confession – Gumbo analogy is because I am listening to a Solange Knowles and Lil’ Wayne duet “Mad” from the “A Seat at the Table” album, lots of New Orleans flava honey, and uh, yeah I’m also hungry*

As you can see, one of the main ingredients in the recipe is expertise.  You have to know your subject! Yes, this even applies to fiction.  Let’s say you’re writing a novel set in New York City, thing is, you’ve never been to New York City.  Your story loses major authenticity points and believe me, a rude NYer will not hesitate to write a review along the lines of “Yo, what the heck are you talking about??”” (cough, cough, rude NYer here). And how would one know that you are an expert?  Believe it or not, a great way to establish credibility is by blogging.  Not only will you be able to display your knowledge of a subject, you will also develop a following.  And that my dear, is good for business.


Another important ingredient is implementation.  Not only do you need to work on writing your project, you are going to have to put in a significant amount of work in implementing your marketing plan. Oprah wasn't built in a day, and neither is your author platform. It is a process. Click To Tweet  I know that we live in the microwave generation, but Take.Your.Time. Build a meaningful relationship with your audience and they will support every project that you produce! Don’t have a marketing plan for your book?  Book a FREE 30 minute Self-Publishing Coaching Consultation here.

Join us next week for #WriteMyBookWednesday for Pt. 2 where we will discuss using your network and social media to develop your author platform.



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