Howdy!  In our last post in this series, we talked about using Social Media and our Network to build our platform.  This post will talk about using the media and previous work as the final ingredients of our Platform Gumbo recipe.

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Now, I know the first thing that is running through your head right now is probably, “but I’ve never been featured in the media”.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know how much I stress the importance of having your own blog, no matter what type of business that you are in.  If not, here’s a taste as well as here, oh and here too.  Well, in addition to showcasing your expertise in whatever your writing genre or topic is, a blog also is considered to be media.  So even if you have never published a book, you are still considered published, thanks to your blog.  This also applies to guest blogging on other sites.  This is the simplest way to be featured in the media and at minimal it would only cost you time.  It’s also a painless way to promote yourself especially if you are an introvert.

Another tried and true method of being featured in the media is by issuing a press release. Have a press kit (or media kit) readily available on your website.  Join HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and be connected with over 35,000 journalists looking for stories.  Seek out local morning shows in your town or city, perhaps you can pitch your project to be featured.  Work with a firm that is experienced in PR and marketing to help you build a buzz about your upcoming projects.

Previous Work

Of course, if you are a newbie, you may not have any previous work.  Again,  for you I say, your blog is where it’s at!  For others, perhaps you have previously published years ago.  Feature that older work on your website.  Have you done any freelance articles or been featured in any other publications?  Create a portfolio of your previous work to feature on your website.  Could you possibly publish your older work as an eBook now?  Or, can you be featured in an anthology with other writers if it has been a while since you were published?  The important thing is to get your work out there.

The most important takeaway is this: Your book isn’t just going to sell itself.  And while you may think that you have written the next “Great American Novel” or the most important piece of non-fiction known to mankind, no one else does, nor do they care. At least not until you convince them that they should! Writing is a reward in itself and positioning yourself as an author, treating your book like a business, and marketing yourself well makes your book the gift that keeps on giving.  Sure someone may just write a book for the sake of writing, or it’s cathartic for them or whatever.  The rest of us write to make money!  You want to make sure that after your friends and family make the obligatory purchase to support you, that your book keeps on selling, for the rest of your life.

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If you just realized, at this very moment, that you hadn’t even thought that far ahead and now this seems rather overwhelming, don’t worry we can FIX that! Schedule a consultation to get one on one guidance on navigating the self-publishing process. Click To Tweet


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