Ok, so you already know that I am a big, BIG proponent of blogging for your business.  But I am also an advocate for publishing a book for your business!  Besides my obvious interest (ahem, ahem) in anyone writing a book, publishing a book makes good fiscal sense for your business. Why? Two words. PASSIVE INCOME. Click To Tweet

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The beautiful thing about publishing a book is that when done right, it can become a lifetime stream of income.  Now let’s face it, those first years in business can be rather iffy for an entrepreneur.  You are still trying to build up clientele, learning what works and what doesn’t.  Some months can be flush, and some months, you’re living on ramen noodles.  Providing an additional stream of income for those slow periods just makes sense!  You can sell your book on your website and keep 100% of the profits, or you can publish an eBook through Amazon or Apple and get paid royalties, or a combination of both if you’re smart!  You can also have printed copies of your book available to sell at speaking engagements, or to distribute for free at community events.  Bookbaby is a great resource for printing your book, I recommend them to all of my clients.

Build Credibility

Just like with a blog, becoming the author of a book instantly boosts your credibility in your industry.   For starters, just by virtue of doing the necessary research to compose a book will probably leave you knowing a lot more than you did when you started.  Writing a book positions you as a thought leader and expert.  When you write a book, you are providing a service to your current clients, as well as any future prospects.  You are compiling information that they either don’t have the time nor inclination to, and also putting your own spin on the subject.  So go on, become the Yoda of your industry. May the force be with you.

Increase Reach

Finally, one of the most compelling reasons to write a book as part of your business model is (in case you haven’t figured it out yet) that it is an awesome marketing tool.  Your book may reach people that may not have otherwise heard about your business.  Someone who may have never thought to search for you on Google, may happen to run across your book on Amazon.  When you are promoting your book, you may reach other forms of media than you could have with just your business by itself. Your book may very well become a series of books on the subject.  The possibilities are really endless, and so are the coins.

Now of course, I want you to make sure that your book is well written.  Don’t skimp on having your book professionally edited and formatted. You don’t want to derail all of the good stuff I just mentioned with poor grammar, typos, and bad structure.  Book a free consultation with us and let’s talk about how we can write your book!




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