(This is a particularly long post, but well worth the time it took to write, and for you to read.)  Writing well, especially in this digital age, is a must for entrepreneurs and it is directly tied to the accumulation of wealth.  If you are a business owner, it is iWrite Well Build Wealth mportant that you are able to communicate effectively.  Why?  Well, think about this…

Your branding materials – including your website, business cards, etc. are all reflections of you! The manner in which you present yourself is a key component of your continued success! Even if you are doing fairly well as a beginner, with typos, poorly written copy, etc., it is only a matter of time before it comes back to haunt you.  You will continuously attract low-grade clients that do not want to pay for your products or services, you know, the freebie chasers.  After a while, the revenue begins to dry up because the people that actually have money to spend will not take you seriously!

Pretty Doesn’t = Value

This is one of the reasons that I founded Fix My Write, and included services geared toward business owners.  I want to help other business owners create a positive brand identity, that goes way beyond pictures and graphics. Great design is necessary but it goes hand in hand with great copy to make the most powerful impact.  Bad writing paired with awesome design causes the brand to lose its luster.  No matter what you are selling, your customer is looking for value. And by value, I don’t mean it in the Walmart rollback, blue & white package sense.  I mean they want to know (and feel!) that whatever you are selling is WORTH their hard earned coins.  Will they receive a return on their investment?  The return can be tangible or intangible, it doesn’t really matter. People want to feel like their money was well spent.




People will pay for something, no matter the price, if they perceive it as valuable. Click To Tweet This is how luxury brands like Neiman Marcus are able to exist and sell frozen collard greens for $66 plus shipping, even though you can buy a fresh bunch for $5 at Walmart. Word on the street is that they didn’t even taste good! However, the value perception, down to the way that their items are advertised, is carefully crafted.  The Neiman Marcus brand constantly positions itself as high-end, better, more valuable. If someone publishes bad copy at Neiman’s, or tarnishes the brand in any way they will be fired. Period.  Likewise, positioning your brand as valuable helps you to create wealth.

Great writing adds value to your brand. Click To Tweet It determines whether your business is viewed as a Walmart or a Neiman Marcus in your industry.

 Started at the Bottom, But do you want to stay there?

You see, as you progress in your business, the time will come for you to network with larger corporations, approach banks for capital, seek investors, etc.  Once you move past the “small potatoes” and move into the “big leagues”, your presentation is everything!  Folks at this level do not have time to try and decipher the meaning of your misspelled and misused words, nor your incomplete thoughts! Your proposals and loan applications will be swiftly tossed into the “circular file” or trash.  A banker is not going to just hand you six or seven figures of capital because you have a nice website. An investor is not going to give you their money because you are a hard worker. They want to see a well-written business plan.  They also want to see what you have already invested into your venture, and the quality of what you offer – on your website, your social media accounts, any printed marketing materials, etc.

So for those of you who have a “don’t care” attitude about your social media postings, (it’s just Facebook!) etc., I suggest that if you are serious about your business being a vehicle to build wealth, you should begin to care. When you meet someone at a networking event and hand out your business cards, the first thing that people do is check your website/social media accounts. You may have dazzled them with your charm and easygoing smile, but once they see the monstrosity that you have distributed to the world, their opinion of you will change rather swiftly.  

Your social media accounts not only serve as a means of advertising and marketing, but they are also becoming the modern resume.  Social proof is what it’s called.  I cannot tell you how often that the deal closer for many of my clients was that they visited my social media platforms and THAT is what made them sign on the dotted line.  Why?  They are able to see the thought and the care that goes into each post. If I am selling my writing skills, I naturally have to show that I am in fact, able to write well.  How can I convince someone that I am the best editor for their project, if I don’t know how to conjugate a verb, or use the correct tense?

Even if you don’t have a writing business, your potential clients/customers want to be able to see that you care enough about your business to put forth a great presentation.  It makes them confident that you will give the same attention to them. The same goes for your emails. They will languish in someone’s inbox unopened, until eventually their email provider begins to route them to the junk folder. And you have spent a lot of time writing those emails! Think about the emails that you are sending out to your list.  If the recipient can’t read/understand your emails, why would they sign up for your course, or book consulting appointments? It’s not a matter of pricing, I see so many business owners struggle with how much they should charge. Again, it all boils down to value.  You don’t need to lower your prices, unless of course, you are projecting low value. Chances are no one is going to pay $799 for your course if it’s full of typos. If they do, they probably will ask for a refund!

If your goal for 2017 is to increase sales, and actually build wealth with your business venture, you are going to have to level up.  This requires an investment on your part…scared money won’t make money! You have options.  You can invest in learning to write well.  There are tons of resources and books to help you write well.  You may decide that you don’t have time for the learning curve, and decide to outsource your writing tasks.  If you are outsourcing, make sure that you are hiring an actual writer, and again, here is where value comes in.  A $5 writer is going to give you $5 results.  Either way, understand that you must commit to improving your business so that it is sustainable.  Otherwise it’s not a business, it’s a hobby and unlikely to help you create wealth.  Book a free consultation today to Fix Your Writing and Fix Your Business.

Writing Resources – Here are some books featured at Fix My Write’s Writerly Stuff Amazon Store to help you write well! Click the picture to purchase.

The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well                      On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction          The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition       The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: An Easy-to-Use Guide with Clear Rules, Real-World Examples, and Reproducible Quizzes



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