books, author, branding, writing, publishingOne of the great things about being a writer, that is that people are instantly intrigued by you.  You see, the general perception of writers is that they are rather studious, dare I say brilliant, and experts on life.  And to some extent, some of that may be true.  Writing does require you to research, to pay attention to things that generally go unnoticed, and have a knack for putting all of that together to create a tangible source of information or entertainment for others.  This is why no matter what your vocation or station in life, writing a book will give you superpowers in the eyes of everyone around you.  

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

People are impressed with someone that writes a book, because most don’t have the discipline to do it themselves.  Writing is the gift that keeps on giving.  Here’s why:

  1. Bragging by Association – Remember, people are impressed by writers.  Just being able to name-drop and associate themselves with a published author will cause people that know you to open all sorts of doors for you.  Let’s say your aunt is having lunch with her ladies’ group and they are planning an event that requires a guest speaker.  Of course, your aunt is going to stick her nose in the air just a bit and declare, “Well, you know my niece/nephew just published a book about….., they would be perfect as the keynote speaker!”.  Your aunt just got major cool points, and you have a gig (probably paid)!
  2. Speaking of Speaking Engagements – this is a 2 for 1 for your brand.  Now you have the opportunity to market your product/service and sell copies of your book.  Cash now and later! You are able to reach a group of folks that you may not have even otherwise considered or previously marketed to.  That’s always good for business!
  3. Passive Income – Even if you are let’s say a caterer, and you write a book about anything related to catering, you have just created a stream of income that doesn’t require any strenuous work.  People surf the web and purchase things 24/7.  Having your book available for purchase online allows you to earn money without lifting a finger.  And to continue with that example of catering, you have endless possibilities for book topics! From plating and presentation, party planning, to food safety, you can write about anything.


Expertise and Relationship

Most importantly, because writers are held in such high regard, you will be viewed as a subject matter expert in your field.  Think about it, whatever business that you are engaged in, there are thousands of others that have the same sort of business.  Becoming a published author and subject matter expert sets you apart from the crowd.  

Authoring a book also develops a sense of relationship with the consumer.  Consumers become loyal to brands that they know and trust. Writing a book gives the consumer the opportunity to “pick your brain” and get inside your mind.  They can get a sense of what makes you tick. You become more human, and not just some robot shilling your wares.  And once folks feel like they know you, they will gladly do business with you.


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