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I founded Fix My Write because I LOVE to read!  I’m talking serious addiction to a good story.  I am THAT girl who will stay up until 3:30am to get to the end of a story, knowing that my alarm clock will start buzzing at 5am.  Yes, I love a good book.  

What I do not love is spending my money on a book because a synopsis sounds good, getting comfy to read said book (you know, glass of wine, snacks, favorite throw blanket) only to get a headache because of all of the typos and misspellings!   Or even worse, the plot starts off good but then, it just goes to hell in a handbasket.  The plot takes so many twists that your brain has knotted up trying to keep up!  So now I have wasted my money AND a great glass (ok, a bottle!) of wine.  

Gee, thanks!  Alas, benevolent soul that I am, instead of writing evil reviews on Amazon or GoodReads, I decided to help.


You see, as a fellow writer, I know how sensitive that we can be about our work.  We think that this is our brilliance manifested and there could not possibly be anything wrong with it.  I also understand that a story can be brilliant in my head, but sometimes I don’t get everything out of my head and into my computer.  And that is where a good editor comes in handy. An editor’s job is to not only proofread and catch spelling and syntax errors.

 An editor will notice if perhaps a paragraph needs more depth and elaboration.  An editor will also make sure that your content flows smoothly.   If it is a fictional piece, are the scenes segueing correctly?  For non-fiction, are you presenting your information in a manner that makes sense?  Perhaps your book may work better as a multi-part series?  These are developmental questions that your editor will ask in an effort to help your book be everything that you intended it to be and then some!

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