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Helping Your Business Communicate Efficiently and Effectively

Business Consulting

As your business grows and you begin to seek out investors, funding, etc., one of the first things that will be scrutinized is your overall presentation.  The second thing that will be looked at is your administrative processes and strategy.  

Rachelle can work with you (and your team) remotely or in-person on a strategic administrative plan for your business.  Together we can streamline many of your administrative processes as well as teach you how to maximize the plethora of apps and methods available to help you operate your business smoothly.  Minimum 2-hours per session.  Travel to your location outside of the greater Raleigh, NC area can be discussed.

  • Customized Administrative Processes
  • Training on various software applications (MS Office, SharePoint, Dropbox, One Note, etc.)
  • Training on Desktop publishing applications
  • Meeting Planning, Facilitation, & Agendas
  • Create Policy & Procedures manuals



Business Communication

Whether you are an author or business owner, administrative tasks are unavoidable.  Fix My Write offers business writing and support that includes – drafting contracts and SOWs, proposal writing, preparation of applications for business loans, customized document creation, policies & procedures, much more!

Polished communication and documents provide credibility for your business.  Think about it, would you type in your bank/credit card information and give your business to a company that doesn’t even invest in itself?  How many times have you as a consumer bypassed a business or even laughed at poorly written signage, forms, proposals, ad copy, etc.?  Would you trust a website, where you can’t see or speak to a physical person, that looks like it was just slapped together on a fly?  Then why would you expect anyone else to?  As a business owner, it is imperative that you present yourself in the most polished manner possible.


The writers and editors at Fix My Write have proven success in a variety of industries and can assist you with the following business writing and editing services:

 Business Writing Services

  • Business Communications, i.e. emails, company memos, performance reviews, short articles, etc.
  • Press Release Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Writing and Content Creation (Monthly packages available!)
  • Blog Creation and Management (Monthly packages available!)
  • Professional Correspondence
  • Business Plan/Proposal Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Case Study Writing
  • Brochures and Other Marketing Material
  • Email Marketing and Direct Mail sales copy Material
  • And more…

Pricing Ranges By Project – A’ La Carte:

  • Advertising/Copywriting Mail Pieces (no graphics) – $300-$3000
  • Advertising/Copywriting Sales Letter – $150-$2000+
  • Articles (news, or with significant research, web-based) $50-$100 per page
  • Articles (magazines) – $150 – $5000+
  • Articles (content/keyword, SEO) – $40-$100
  • Articles (newspaper) – $75-$1000
  • Books (ghostwriting) – $25-$100 per page, $5,000-$20,000+
  • Book Reviews – $75 and up
  • Book Summaries – $250-$500 per book
  • Brochures (no graphics) – $300-$2500
  • Business Plans – $500-$5,000
  • Editorial Management (magazine/per issue): $500-$5,000
  • Grant Writing – $250-$5,000+
  • Newsletters – $200-$1000
  • Press Releases – $200 to $500
  • Programs (Church, Funeral, Wedding, Event) – $200+

Ranges are dependent upon how much research or additional work outside of writing needs to be performed, and turn around time. This includes not being provided with necessary materials or resources upon beginning of project. Rush/Last Minute  jobs will be billed at the higher rate.

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